English & French Translation Services in New York City

Bonjour ! Experience highly tailored and personalized English and French translation services from our boutique firm of NY Translates. Our small but dedicated staff provides accurate translation services.

Our agile team will efficiently translate any size project, from single page documents to legal briefs, financial agreements, marketing scripts, and more.

We’re a boutique agency run by passionate linguists. This isn’t just a business, it’s a vocation.

Every translation project. Every size. Every detail.

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Brian Huse
Co-Owner & Managing Director


French Translation Services In New York



Highly technical subject matter such as telecommunications requires in-depth knowledge of the nuances and tones of the language. We can accurately and efficiently translate instruction and installation manuals, product descriptions, and any document with technology-related or technical language.

Legal Services

Our in-depth knowledge of French language and our background in law allows us to meticulously translate French legal documents using practice-specific terminology. Documents include: briefs, discovery, contracts, pleadings, will and estate documents, disclaimers, privacy policies, and other legal materials.


Our bilingual history gives us a deep understanding of the precise language and acumen required in the financial markets. We can translate: banking brochures, prospectuses, banking/credit card agreements, loan documents, and more.


Make our bilingual background an essential part of your next international advertising campaign. Our English & French translation services include marketing brochures, flyers, print ads, radio and TV scripts, direct mail, and more.


We offer precise translation for the broad spectrum of the medical field, from providers and pharmaceutical brands to payers, medical device companies, and helathcare marketers. Documents include: textbooks, manuals, over-the-counter and prescription product labels, brochures, booklets, subtitles for training videos, and more.

Custom Translation Services

Interpreting Services

The right words at exactly the right time. We provide simultaneous interpreting for medical conferences, legal proceedings, and business conferences.


Choosing the right words takes time, creative thinking, and careful arrangement –as well as the unmistakeable nuances of tone that only a native speaker can provide. We can translate your company’s vision for a new audience, while maintaining the essence of your brand for the next customers.

Website Localization

Translation of your company’s website that goes beyond language. With our bilingual background, we automatically understand and effortlessly take into consideration cultural nuances, idioms, photography/icons, and even color schemes to better connect with your target market.

Bilingual/Multilingual Audio Transcriptions

We listen. And listen, and listen. We can translate transcriptions of focus groups, interviews, depositions, and more. We will assist you with any of your audio files in another language so that you can present a professional transcript in English or in French.

English & French Translation Services

We Prepare Your Translated Files for you via Google Docs, PDF or Microsoft Word.

We tailor our English & French translation services to your needs. If you have a special set of requirements or instructions, we will work to provide files in almost any format.
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